Mat & Glass Cutting

Accidents happen! Whether your frame has fallen off the wall or been damaged in transit, we can help. Our staff can professionally fit new glass to your existing frame.

We readily provide standard plain glass, non reflective glass,  True Vue Conservation clear with 99% UV protection) and True Vue Museum glass (99% UV protection with amazing clarity). We have a range of glass choices on display in our showroom.

Matt cutting

Perhaps you have a framed picture with a faded mat, or you want to change the colour to update your decor? Our extensive range of mats can accommodate your needs, from soft pastels and off whites through to black and strong solid colours.

Our computerised mat cutter allows us to cut complicated mat designs with ease, the design possibilities are endless. 

From home décor quality through to archival museum quality for conservation of historic or precious works, we have access to an extensive range of mats to suit your needs.

Artists, photographers and craftspeople, do you present your works pre mounted in precision cut mats ready for your buyers ready to frame? We can provide these in practically any size you require.