Quality Framing – It’s going to be there a long while…

You’ve decided to frame an image, you hold dear to your heart, perhaps it’s a needlework image you spent hours on, an original limited edition print or a drawing. No matter what it is, you love it, and want to proudly show it to all who walk in your door. Thats why you need to invest in quality framing.

You decide to chat to your friendly professional picture framer about it and they suggest a few framing ideas you like and perhaps some you are not sure of. One thing is for sure, it will be on the wall for a long while.

At The Picture Framing Shak, people bring in these types of items all the time, and we see it as our task to show off the piece as best we can, given the resources and budget to do so.

Firstly we want to conserve it, so in many years to come when the frame is updated due to a change of owner wanting the piece to meet more contemporary decor trends, we want them to find the piece has not been damaged by any of the materials used or the environment around it.

Then we want to make sure it looks great, so the frame compliments and showcases the work as well as fitting to the decor requirements the owner has and their budget.

To make sure it looks good we might suggest a double or triple mat border, or a mat with a decorative filet, or perhaps a double frame. To conserve it we might suggest museum level glazing, or perhaps conservation level mat-boards or framing techniques. No matter which we suggest we would want the item to stand the test of time as well as look fantastic.

Our challenge is to make all this happen, keep the customer happy, and know that our efforts are also appreciated in the future. After all “it’s going to be there a long while”, and as always, quality framing is remembered, long after the price is forgotten. So here’s to beautifully framed images created to stand the test of time.

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