Works on paper, handle with care

At the Picture Framing Shak we see an incredible array of items to be framed, original prints, photographs, drawings and so much more. Some of the images we get are ordered by the customer online and delivered to us sight unseen ready for us to frame. A phone call and a visit from the customer and the freshly arrived image is soon safely stored ready for framing.

However most of the time works on paper come rolled up in a shipping tube, where the customer has taken the item out to look at, rolled them up again, and then stuffed them back in the tube, each time increasing the risk of damage to the print.

Sometimes we can ‘iron out’ some of the creases and marks that happen from handling, but at other times the paper is so thin it’s hard not to see some damage show up in the framed piece.

Scratches on delicate materials, high gloss and photographic surfaces are some of the other challenges which can make the framing of a once pristine image a challenge too.

Where possible aim to handle the image with extreme care and if it’s a limited edition, historic or other highly valued document then let us know early in the consultation process so we can advise on suitable framing methods to keep the item in tip top condition. As your friendly professional picture framer we can do full conservation or simpler framing to suit your needs and budget.

Steve Gray

The Picture Framing Shak

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