Get the look – Your Decor, picture framing and you

You want your home to have “the look” and you want it to be just right… well we might just have some answers for you to explore.

You know that the look you create in your home says a lot about you, your style, tastes and desires. You will most certainly realise that the look you create will have a range of elements on the walls then delicately countered with furnishings and suitable accessories. So using mirrors is one thing, framed pictures are another and both can be a big part of today’s look.

I won’t pretend to be a style icon for interior ‘haute’ decor, BUT I will tell you that I and the team at The Picture Framing Shak know a thing or three about bringing images to life, using gorgeous frames.

Let’s face it, your decor speaks volumes about the image you want to portray and the style and elegance you want people to remember you by. From high end original works by contemporary Artists to budget, reframes of Op shop bargains or sentimental memorabilia and beyond. We can help.

So, let’s start the process, when your friends and family step into your world, what impression do you want to make? Slick techno minimal, non fussy shabby chic or perhaps contemporary bourgeois… Or any one of a myriad of notionally conceptual mixtures your mind might invent. Your task is to create that look… Perhaps to impress, create a warm relaxed oasis, or a full on masterpiece of deeply whimsical desire. Now you are starting to get the picture.

Visualise what you want… Now race off and see what you can find to develop the image you want to create. Researching images in current savvy magazines is one way to go, jumping online is now so easy you can soon be on trend with the result you want. Collect images and ideas, explore colours, textures, patterns and styles.

Now here’s where we come in… The look you want for the wall decoration can get a solid start by seeing our range of frame options, from the exclusive Bellini Italian range to the incredible array of fabulous mouldings we have always had in stock. Drop in, chat with us about the look you want, take photos of the frame styles you want to explore, then research some more, finally narrowing in on the types of images that will go with the frame and the style you want.

You could also do the opposite and start with the images, find frames to suit those and then explore accessorising based on the image and frame choices made.

Here are some more ideas to get you started;

  • Think bold and vibrant – or soft and demure – Colour choices can be made based on frame styles and colour options, where you take the lead based frame styles you want

  • Get creative – Making an artistic statement may not be as hard as you think, from crafty creations to high end art works, your style or the artist’s style, find things you can connect with and call you own to help communicate the statement you want to make.

  • Cluttered can be ok – So can minimal, If it’s an eccentric cluttered look you want then a few well chosen wall images just might be ‘set off’ by an array of accessories you collect from boutiques and quirky homewares stores. If you are thinking minimal then perhaps the well chosen wall images might just be different enough to blend in and explore the world of subtle visual engagement

  • Textures, metals, patterns and colour – These can be combined, or be used to help create a theme that ‘ties’ all the elements you want together, take a look at our metallic decor frames, or our ornate textured mouldings and you will soon see what I mean by; “We have an extensive range to get you started”.

  • Pastels, florals and passive aggressive – Perhaps not in that order and perhaps not that deeply conceptual. But the catalyst is there, you have started to think about what you want more deeply haven’t you, good… Decor, frames, image and your ability to bring all the elements together

Your friendly professional picture framer at the Picture Framing Shak can be a fantastic resource of ideas and options for exploring, frame styles, border mat colours and textures, through to creating eclectic mixes of 3d items you find that we can create an ‘object box’ around. Let’s assist you to bring all your design elements together by starting off with the wall images and their framing. Drop in to chat and see what we have to offer to help you make your framing decor the statement you really want.

Steve Gray

The Picture Framing Shak

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