Your decor and bold choices

It takes a fair degree of courage to decide to paint walls strong vibrant colours, and create a decorative feature for your home that compliments your decor, often however it’s often not the feature wall you really want, it’s a feature piece… Let me explain

When you walk into a museum, you go there to see items of interest, not to see a feature wall so much, the walls and other decor can be set up to enhance the display.

It’s the same with custom picture frames, they are not the art, they are the support device for the art. But they become part of the feature, then surrounding that are the walls. My Suggestion therefore is to make feature pieces stand out rather than a wall, use the wall or the surrounding decor to compliment the image/s.


  • A feature piece of artwork which you can love (or grow to love) and frame it to make the art stand out, want to make a real statement, get an original artwork or commission an artist to create a piece that fits to your decor and or colour scheme. If you have room, look for statement pieces which can add scale to your decor

  • A framed piece where the frame is designed to stand out, look at textured frames and wider frames where the scale of the frame and the art, work in harmony and make a bold statement, framed sections of fabric can work exceptionally well, choose wisely though, design styles can be on trend, then off trend fast… Or how about a giant movie poster or an enlarged family photo

  • Accessorise, add other items which can add visual appeal to the decor and add to the vibrancy of the decor, vases, flower arrangements, lamps and other feature pieces can accessorise the decor to create bold interest

  • Explore colour choices, boldly coloured mat borders in your framed images with contrasting frames can be ideal in the right setting… with the right art image

  • Select a limited edition work by an Artist. With so many artists and galleries having onsite sales pages, the excuse for having hand crafted artistic works is now null and void. Try a google search for Australian art for under $500, and you will soon see there are plenty of options. It can look good and could become a valuable asset. Often limited edition prints can give an art lover a cost effective entry point to art collecting, perhaps a bold black and white print like a lino cut or wood cut relief print, a search for Australian Printmakers will give you a dizzying array of options to explore

  • Tables and shelves for 3D items. If you have a home with plenty of corners with room to display items, consider a range of tables or shelves to create a home for smaller 3D artworks. Consider exploring a theme. Look at ceramics, hand blown glass, artists books, stand up object frames with memorabilia, coffee table glossy books

These are just a few options to explore in making  your home a vibrant place to be with the chance of creating bold statement or three. Your friendly professional picture framer can assist you to take care of limited edition and artist created works, as well as give you more ideas to create your own bold decor statements.

Steve Gray

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