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Your kid’s team has played well this season and the coach suggests that a team photo with all of the people involved produce a signed photo for the club room walls, great idea! Suddenly someone realises that having everyone signing the photo, could be difficult and in some cases when the ink doesn’t dry in a hurry, smudging can happen.

An easy way around this is to have the photo framed with a wide mat board that everyone can sign. The photo stays intact and by following a few simple guidelines, the mat can look stunning, clean neat and tidy.

Try these tips…

  • Get you friendly professional picture framer to cut two mats – Just in case some kid is a klutz with a pen or doesn’t follow the guidelines
  • Have a scrap of the mat board for the kids to practice on – Or even some scrap paper. Kids are not adults who are used to writing or signing their name, a bit of practice before the main mat gets them into the swing of things
  • Add a small border – Use a fine sharp pencil, a HB one might be ideal, to measure in from the outer edge of the mat board, about 10 – 15 mm. This can be erased later on, but it ensures that all of the signatures will be well away from the edges where the frame fits on top
  • Adding a plaque, mention this early – We add plaques to frames all the time, to do so we cut an opening in the mat, this way the plaque does not sit on top of the mat and cause the glass to have to bend over it. By cutting a space for the plaque it also makes it obvious that the signatures will be done well away from the area the plaque has to fit.
  • Consider acrylic… – If the area where the picture will finally be hung is busy and it could be knocked off the wall somehow, then ask for acrylic, not glass, it might scratch if it gets knocked off the wall, but it won’t shatter and cause a major hazard

Clubs that have these sorts of mementos of past teams, often find the new recruits get a sense of history, trust and belonging, often seeing relatives and other school mates involved in the club. What a great way to engage your children in a new venture that gets them out and actively involved.

For more ideas and options on how to create these sorts of memories for your club, chat to your friendly professional picture framer, for custom made options to suit your needs.

Regards – Steve Gray –

Picture Framing Specialist

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