Selecting art for the office

Our phone rang, it was the personal assistant from a large business just a suburb away. She had been given the task of getting art up on the wall of the board room and from the tone of her voice it was clearly a call for help “I have no idea of what to choose, how big it should be, where to source it and how to hang the things… Any thoughts?” She said.

Although this is not a question we get asked a often, thankfully we have a range of resources to draw from to provide some possible answers. It started with, “Do you have a budget?” And soon developed into, how often will the board room be used, if they had any interest in original works, or simply wanted to ‘jazz up’ the place.

We provided her with images, looked at the size of the room and discussed, colours, image impact and a range of logistics to bring the project together.

A range of images were provided to her executives on the board, so decisions could be made. One option put forward was to use original artworks which may increase in value, another was reproductions to fulfil a more decor based approach. From these starting points a connection was made to the organization’s values and beliefs, sustainability was a key point, so the works needed to reflect that. In the end we were able to figure out the best images to select were of their large scale assets, valued at many millions of dollars these assets provided the ideal backdrop for their executive team to be inspired by.

Another corporate project we completed was a large map for a shipping company, which had prominent pride of place near the entry to the building. It was framed and hung rather than on the floor being trampled.

Both projects offered the chance to create a new feel for their decor, which in turn added appeal for the staff and customers. While some organisations may not step far beyond decoration in their offices and service areas, but with a few of the right questions, the company’s status, sales area presentation and overall feel can be suitably enhanced.

Your friendly professional picture framer should be able to coordinate all this for you and at The Picture Framing Shak we love to assist in bigger projects to give businesses a wow factor, after all a happy workplace is a more productive one all round and if showcasing your products and services gives your customers a better understanding of what you have to offer then it can become a wise investment..


Regards – Steve Gray –

Picture Framing Specialist



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