Raw Passion

Regulars to our website and store will know we are passionate about Picture Framing but few will know we have raw frames. Now we can get passionate about those.

Regular visitors to top end contemporary galleries in and around Melbourne will know the ones, Vic Ash, Blackwood and Tassie Oak frames have long been their favourites and offer a warm, strong yet delicate appeal, even in the larger sizes. So they are not new, and even the National Gallery of Victoria uses them, but for us it’s a new area to explore. They come in a range of sizes and types, straight and flat, offering a uniquely Australian way to ensure your works are supported.

These frames are done slightly differently to our other frames, not only do we lovingly cut and join these, but we carefully sand them, then hand wax and buff them to create a fingerprint free surface as well as preserving the furniture grade timber.

One of the bonuses for avid collectors of framed works on paper is the ability to be able to match the finish and style for many years to come. Yes the colours can alter and in the Blackwoods they range from dark to light and the Vic Ash ones range from soft pink overtones through to gentle yellow hues all within the blonde main colour of the wood.

The one thing wood lovers will note in the difference in the wood, the ‘figure’, the knot marks, resin veins and the like that add character to the finish, for those that are not a fan of this kind of ‘organic feel’, well perhaps they should select another type of frame. Me I love the character these frames can exude.

For a frame that can clearly stand the test of time, oozes style and fashionable appeal, ask your friendly picture framer about the raw appeal of these frames.

Regards – Steve Gray –

Picture Framing Specialist

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