Invest in art, it’s good for you…

Having an art collection does not depend on how big your business or domestic situation is, you can still have an art collection with all of its benefits on tight budgets and in small spaces.

For your business, an art collection can add depth to your brand image. On the domestic side the image your home portrays and the ambiance your collection creates, can readily take your house and make it a home.

Ok so your art collection can create good vibes all round, are there other benefits? You bet there is… Social status, investment portfolio diversification, Philanthropy and the sheer joy of having hand crafted items, which can be fabulous talking points for years to come.

On the investment side, selecting the right artworks can provide stunning returns for those with the ability to trade items which have appreciated in value on the auction and private markets and of course my views on this are not specific advice, but intended more for educational value…

There is a growing body of evidence that art can create an inspiring home and work environment, therefore contributing to people’s cultural development and happiness. Of course buying art also assists Visual Artists to continue their visual language exploration and personal development.

Ok, so if you buy art for your business you might want to chat to your Accountant to explore the value of this type of asset class and whether or not you can spend some, no interest ‘Art Money’ to fund these purchases.Once you have decided to by some art, you will then have to look after it, framing the item/s is one way to do that and this is where your friendly professional picture framer can assist, providing information and ideas on the best ways to showcase your investments.

Regards – Steve Gray –

Picture Framing Specialist –

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