Hang it!

You have just picked up your newly framed artwork from The Picture Framing Shak and now face the task of hanging the item. For a professional that’s no problem, but for the first timer it could be daunting.

There are some easy steps to consider. Let’s start with the height, generally museums and art galleries will hang the work at eye level to the centre of the artwork, or on average 1550mm up from the floor to the centre of the work. Then personal taste and furniture placement can alter that guideline. Then consider the left and right placement, I often say “Measure twice and double check if you are unsure”.

The next step is to measure from where the hanging wire is to the top of the frame. Holding the frame in place you could then have someone use a pencil to mark where the top of the frame needs to be, then measure down from that mark to where  you have calculated where the hanger needs to be attached to the wall.

Most pictures will probably only require a simple ‘plaster hook’ which is held in place with a nail going in at an angle into the plaster.

Heavier works you can try and find the sutd behind the plaster with a stud finder and ensure the nail goes into that. There are also double hangers which require two nails and offer greater hold. On wider or heavier pieces two or more of these can be used to provide stability, I generally place them about 100mm apart.

In a brick wall consult you local hardware professional for ideas on the best way to use the various hooks available to provide a solid anchor point.

Oh and one thing I NEED to add, in the framing shop we see too many frames come in for repairs which have fallen off the wall, the challenge, they used tape based fasteners, either the fastener instructions were not followed properly, or the item was too heavy for the size of fastener they chose. So please be careful using those.

When it comes to planning out how to hang more than one item on a wall, well that’s a great idea for another article from your friendly professional picture framer.

Regards Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak


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