Framing memories

I received a small parcel in the mail from a Cousin interstate, I knew her handwriting from many years of receiving her Christmas cards. It was a small cluster of war medals from my Father and an Uncle I never knew.

Now in my sweaty trembling hand was an amazing piece of personal history. My Uncles Dog Tag, Dad’s RAAF badge and some coloured ribands. The short handwritten note told me a bit more of the story.

My Cousin thought I might like to have these, as I showed interest in our family tree, how right she was! I have spent many years searching old records and uncovering many details of relatives from the past.

I fully intend to somehow frame these and since starting out in framing with The Picture Framing Shak I have seen many people bring similar items in for us to showcase. I love hearing the stories, seeing people talk with passion about a loved one who fought, a loved one who probably brushed off the pain and sorrow felt and simply soldiered on.

For those of you with items of personal history you cherish and want to display, a custom designed frame can provide you with a way to remember, pay tribute to a loved one, a chance to say you care and show others your family has interesting history which probably played an important part in the way you were raised. That’s certainly the case for me.

When you want to preserve memories, and you know the stories passed on might fade, providing a safe haven for the objects is a way to let future generations know something special transpired. Use the expertise of your friendly professional picture framer to ensure your memories are presented professionally, with care and attention to detail.

Regards Steve Gray, The Picture Framing Shak 


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