One Classic Frame Please…

“I would like my picture framed classically please…” said the customer, I replied with “Well… If you can describe specifically what you mean by classical…” – There was a moment of  silence and a blank stare, mind you it seemed like an eternity rather than a fleeting moment. “Oh yes… I see what you mean. Well  you know something that will stand the test of time, something visually interesting without being over the top or too audacious… You know…”

Phew this seemed like hard work, but with over 450 different frames on show in our collection, it was soon an elimination process, not this one, maybe that. Then a discussion on mat borders kicked in, how much space, was it wider at the bottom and so on.

The end result looked fine and I feel sure the customer will have the item on the wall for many years to come, and it will fit with a range of decor changes, perhaps even ownership changes.

As a picture framer I need to be a mind reader, a design and colour consultant and an artistic font of knowledge. Some of these come easier than others… In this case what is classic to one person is not to another, what will create a stunning effect and what might detract can be up to the ‘eye of the beholder’.

In the Picture Framing game, our ability to safely preserve an item is one thing, making it look good is another, a bit like juggling. The good thing is when you want to ensure your artwork is framed well and will suit your needs you might need to find a friendly professional picture framer who can listen carefully, clarify your needs and explore the answers to come up with a  suitable range of possibilities.

Regards Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak


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