I’d like to make a statement…

In the art and framing business this generally means the person wants to make a visual statement, often a bold one. Colour, vibrancy, scale, movement, through to deeply serene contemplation, whatever the desire there will be a picture to match it.

Occasionally people come in to have a look at the collection of framed statement pieces we have on hand, sometimes they come in to chat about what’s possible and often times drop in for some inspiration, some just marvel at our range of over 450 frames on display! How then do you go about making a decision about a piece that will set your decor apart, a piece that stops people in their tracks and causes a conversation to take place that may well go on into the latter part of a dinner party or casual afternoon get together.

These days we are spoilt for choice, original contemporary artworks are now widely available from Art galleries, direct from the Artist’s studio or online. Many websites see Contemporary Artists working together to bring art to the world as well as individual sites from the artist themselves. http://www.art500.com.au/

Then let’s move across to another visual marketplace, a place where monstrous inkjet printers churn out, everything from photographs to limited edition prints, on delicate fabrics, heavy duty banner material through to delicate satin finished fabrics. Then of course papers, from specially designed high quality cotton rag papers to mainstream commercial papers. The end product can be chosen from many thousands of simply stunning, and not so stunning, images. http://artworldpod.com/

With these choices available the discerning statement maker then needs to choose how much they want the statement to reflect themselves. Ok so I may be about to step on some toes, but how you decorate your home or office, is often a reflection of you, or what’s important to  you, for some they show this by having family images grouped to show some family history and key moments in their lives.

However to others the desire to show their depth of cultural engagement can be derived from spending thousands on large scale original works, the sort that causes their family and friends to look, gasp, then ask where they got it and then frantically try to figure out what the person spent! All without directly asking the price of course… that would be too uncouth!

So status and importance aside the image you choose will probably be with you for a long time and the framing of it can become an issue, well not if you choose a friendly professional picture framer, they should be able to readily advise you on the best way to protect or effectively showcase your statement piece.

Then of course the issue becomes, “where will we hang it” but that’s another story.

Regards Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak


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