Is it worth it?

One of our regular customers dropped in with a picture, not her usual family photo, it was an old landscape painted a long while back, probably pre war by the looks of it. We chatted about its condition, the type of frame she wanted to use for its restoration and the best way to preserve it. “It’s quite valuable” she went on to say… “It’s been in the family for as long as I can remember, it used to have pride of place in the lounge room at Mum’s place.”

Valuable? I looked a bit closer, it was painted onto a material, but it had a masonite backing, with old brown gum tape barely holding the thing together. “One of my Uncle’s painted it, Mum said Uncle George was quite an Artist in his day…”

Well to make a long story shorter, it turned out to be high in sentimental value, rather than cash value. Sure the landscape was skillfully painted, the composition and subject delightful, but the little oil painting tacked down onto masonite was an image her Uncle had painted on holiday in Gippsland. A lovely sweeping vista across rolling hills with a river and fields below, the picture evoked memories for her Mother and I feel sure it led into a few delightful family stories of holidays gone by.

Sometimes the value we hold for something is all about the sentiment. But if you think you have a valuable piece by an ‘Uncle’ or a special heirloom piece passed on through the family, it could pay to have it checked out. What might look like an original Albert Namatjira Watercolour, or a Sidney Nolan painting might just be a print, a student copy done years back or one of a vast number of reproductions.

If you have a piece you consider of value,  you could do worse than have your friendly professional picture framer check it out. If nothing else they can advise on its conservation and give it a fresh start, or they might just be able to give you hope the piece is a long lost masterpiece.

As long as you enjoy the piece, the cash value probably may not matter a great deal. If it is worth your while to restore the frame, then consider one of our range of 99% UV protective glasses, they are part of our premium product range and can assist in ensuring others can enjoy the image your Uncle created all those years ago. 

Regards Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak

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