Typographic Art

Printed quotes, fabulous images incorporating a printed page of text, an image created using just a few words or a major contemporary work and so much more all constitute a typographic artwork.

I have some at home, the printed board with a faded background and some well chosen words of wisdom… One in particular creates a fair bit of debate amongst the visitors to our place, as they ponder the ‘deeper meaning’ of some of the statements.

 Many years back as a Visual Art student I remember seeing text splashed across pop art works by Lichtenstein and Warhol and not blinking an eye, but when Jasper Johns used numbers and text the whole thing changed for me, when did the painting stop and the text begin. Ever since then that paradox grips me when I see art including some form of text or numeral.

Typographers have long called themselves artists and rightly so, making masterful use of line, contrast, negative, positive space and colour. I guess we don’t think much about it seeing many words on a printed page, but when short statements or single letters are used, the principles of good aesthetics kick in and we can appreciate the beauty they were wanting to express.

Illustrators have also created some fabulous images using text and the hypno psychedelic poster images from the 1960’s bear testament to that. Readers were stopped in their tracks trying to figure out if the message or the visual statement being made with imagery was more important. Sometimes it was both, I guess the level of drug intake probably dictated which was more important.

No matter what the text imagery or poster is, your friendly professional picture framer would be more than willing to assist you to find the right combination and frame and mats to suit your needs, At The Picture Framing Shak, we assist people in exploring possibilities and aim to create a solid visual statement you can enjoy for a long time to come.

Regards Steve Gray, The Picture Framing Shak 



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