The silly season and the art of business

Christmas and New Year have long gone, thankfully… All that rushing around seems to be no good for anybody in my opinion. We were busy preparing frames and making artwork look fantastic and protecting incredible documents and valuable artworks, after all that’s what your friendly professional picture framer does.

So in the break after all the madness subsided I wonder if you, like me took time to reflect on the year that was… I reminisced about the big jobs we did, the corporate works, the limited edition prints by big name artists that needed that extra loving care, it was a good year all round.

My thoughts drifted across to watching people, I was on a cruise for about 10 days, so a lot of this happened. I waondered about their level of happiness, for some of them it took a few days to unwind and turn their frown into a smile. I then recalled various articles I have seen over the years about people in jobs and how their productivity was linked to the level of happiness they had… Interesting, I thin thought about the joy of hanging artworks in various workplaces and the appreciate comments I had with people working there. From bare walls to an office which had a more pleasing decor, the smiles were certainly wider.

So how’s business? Happy staff? Productive staff? No… That’s a shame, I think you might want to do something about that yeah? You can see where I am going to with this can’t  you… Yep, buy art, frame it, hang it and see your profits rise. Okay so it’s not that easy, but the intent is there. Oh and if you think the staff will notice if you pick up some faded pictures from a local Charity store, then you are right. Go all the way and buy original works which MAY appreciate in value, then you are buying business assets that could provide a return as well as keeping people happier in the workplace. It’s a win win situation.


Regards Steve Gray –

The Picture Framing Shak

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