There are just three types of picture frames

The one that works, the one that doesn’t and the one that looks like it does…

Okay so that was simple, and very obvious. However, too many people don’t see the difference, they simply want to  put a “thing” on wall and see that it’s protected to some degree. Yep I get that, but what about the longer term effect on it being protected, what about the overall way it looks… It’s probably going to be on the wall for a long while, like my Dad’s Diploma, it hung in his work office for his whole working life, it never moved, neither did dad, oh except for that once or twice when the office was repainted.

His diploma was framed properly, he complained for many years afterwards that it cost him an arm and a leg at a time when he could ill afford to spend the money, but there it was sealed up against dust, protected by a mat-board that was acid free, and a museum level backing that ensured that no acid burn would take place. That Diploma was as good as the day it was framed.

How about your framing? Is it an item worth preserving for the long term, or an item you will throw out in a few years, out of fashion and ready to be heaved?

As for my dad, he probably didn’t have much choice at the time about what frame he wanted and to what standard the framing would be, but it lasted. I know that many of the items we frame at your friendly professional picture framer, are done to a high standard and will be appreciated for a long time to come.


Steve Gray –

The Picture Framing Shak

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