Its an original

Every now and then an art piece walks in the door, the customer says “Oh, it’s an original you know… the artist is very famous… or so mum said…”

Well your Mum may have said it was original, but wait, perhaps you can tell me more about the piece?

“My Great Grandfather Louey, on my mother’s side of the family bought the piece from a friend at a pub, many years back, the friend was having a clear out and ‘bingo’ Great granddad Louey bought an ‘amazing piece’ that has been on the wall at mum’s place for years.

What was amazing was that Grand dad Louey was not kicked up the backside by great gand mum Beth, for wasting money at a time when things might have been a ‘bit tight’. Perhaps Beth had been sipping some wine at home while hubby was at the pub and was in a relaxed state when the ‘artwork’ walked in the door.

So the ‘famous artwork’, complete with the story to go with it begs the questions. Is it an original and is the Artist famous? At first glance the painting was well framed, so someone cared about it enough to spend a reasonable amount of $$ on its presentation. The painting had texture, so it wasn’t a reproduction print. A little note scrawled on the back clearly noted the the Artist’s name, thankfully, as the signature on the front was indecipherable.

A search on the internet found nothing for that artist. Therefore the chances of it being worth something was becoming remote. A closer inspection on the back showed the painting was on a canvas board, the type where the canvas is attached to a card base, it was a cost effective method used for a painting base by many leisure painters, but not so much by artists ‘of note’.

The subject matter was of a country scene, a creek with distant hills and a bush shack in the distance. Nice but not earth shattering in its appeal. In faint pencil on the note attached to the back was a date. 1964, so it was over 50 years old, but that didn’t do much for for its value, other than sentimental.

Sometimes we just have to accept that a work of art in the family is loaded with sentimental value and little else, mind you I have heard of horror stories, like the time a Keith Haring original was cut up by a customer who wanted to use the frame for another artwork! I guess it pays to chat to your friendly professional picture framer, just to be sure about the details of a work, before something bad happens.

Regards Steve Gray, The Picture Framing Shak


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