I want something special – Selecting decor for your home

Something special… This query from customers sets my mind into a spin, special to me can be very different to what you might have in mind.

Consider adding to your query with, “I want something special in my home which, will reflect my personality, show people I like things to be bold and perhaps a little outrageous at times.” Now we are getting somewhere!

The way you want your home to be seen, the things you want to ‘reflect’ in the decor, like your personality, all come into play when deciding what will work for you. It’s your decor and chances are you will live with the decision for a long time to come.

Something special… Let’s take a different look at this concept of special… Let’s say  you have thumbed through a bunch of lifestyle magazines and checked out various decor options, if you see something you like it might be a solid starting point. But, if it’s just something you want to copy, then that’s probably not special. It might start out as wanting to make a radical statement and then morph into a specific look that resonates deeply with you. Therefore the search for something special has now become something else, and that’s fine.

For those wanting to be more creative and really come up with something special, let’s look at some creative ways to find what is special to you.

  • Your favourite colours – Paint shops have a wonderful array of colour samples, consider grabbing a bunch of your favourite colours and tones, these might send you on a visual search to locate artworks, frames and or other decor details that reflect your taste
  • Decor options – Take a look at various images you might find on websites relating to decor. Look for frames, images, colours, shapes, textures, finishes and styles that connect with you. It’s all about starting points. gather the images and ideas, perhaps in a scrap book to refer to when chatting to your picture framer
  • Galleries – An obvious choice perhaps, yet it’s amazing how many people don’t go to galleries. Do an internet search for contemporary art galleries in your area, then go and visit. About every three weeks or so the exhibitions change, you might find certain inspiration, or not, but as a starting point you should be able to get lots of ideas for your decor
  • Picture framers – Of course, a very logical choice, lots of ideas and options on ways to display things and get ideas for what’s current, what looks good and what others are doing with their decor choices. Your friendly picture framing professional, can have a range of prints, paintings and or access to websites with more options to suit nearly any decor requirement
  • Your favourite things – Family photos displayed in a series of frames is for some an obvious choice, for others a particular interest, like family history, sports or military memorabilia might be the things you find interesting, for others it might be a collection of things you have found and now want to display

There are a few ideas on ways to move forward with your something special concept. If in doubt chat to your framing specialist so they can find ways to assist you in your search for ways to make your decor sing.

Regards Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak

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