Art has power

Art has the power to colour and animate spaces, and the lives that inhabit them. Let’s not forget the artists and the things they might want to communicate, or not… They are the creators of this power. Then let’s consider the framing and the part it plays in the decor and physical support of the works, that can be vital to.

In a home or business environment the selection of artworks is really about personal choices that explore a range of ideas and options. What  you put on your walls might be a reflection of where you are at, or perhaps where you want to be.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see some stunning original works, which when framed for elegant protection and hung in a suitable environment, has led to a range of discussions and reactions, from, wow to how, then to why across to “what is that?”

It’s all in the choices you make. Sure you may be after a decorator piece to enliven a room, through to something that acts as a memento of places visited, then it might be a grouping of family images to fondly reflect on the family and how they have developed. There is power in all of those and the artistic intent.

Art can go deeper, and colour and animate the spaces we live and work in, and then enlighten lives to cause a positive shift. Perhaps it’s like creating a step by step innovation process, where you can actually become more deeply engaged in the artwork, due simply to its ability to cause you to explore your thinking and perhaps even your place in this world.

Think deeper and consider adding some ‘power’ into your life, so you can explore more thoroughly, that which we live for, that which drives us, that which plays with our thinking… Enjoy the power. And to think that your friendly professional picture framer can be part of all of that!

Regards Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak

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