You know it’s that time again…

Mother’s day, what to get the Mother who has everything, or at least you think she has everything!

Before long Mother’s day rolls around, you vowed last year to make THIS year’s gift better than the flowers and chocolates from last years offering. You saw what the others gave and well, let’s just say you now have deep seated rivalry for those ever so thoughtful gifts your siblings magically pulled out of their hats. Enough said.

So you jump on google, did a search, checked out a range of options and bingo you found yourself with a coffee or three, trawling for ideas. Well look no longer here are some options to consider and explore.

Your friendly professional picture framer has a lot of experience in putting together personalised gifts, based on years of experience with many people bringing different images, ideas and options as to what they want to achieve with that ever so special gift.


  • Photo collage – Photo programs at do it yourself photo kiosks may have a way of combining a series of family images into a classy collage, frame that and you might just have your first gift idea sorted
  • Name Frames – Our computerised cutting machine can cut out letters onto a mat board, then you can place photo’s in behind the letter cut outs to spell out the family name, Grandkids names, the year or whatever you want. A fabulous way to provide a personalised memento, a snapshot in time of your family, your kids in action or images that would be of interest to your Mother
  • Art Framing – Does your mum have a favourite Artist? Perhaps one of the old masters, a contemporary or some other artist they have always admired, with the range of online prints available you could soon source the right image, then get your friendly professional picture framer to conserve it in a custom frame
  • Family portraits – A perennial favourite, But you could go the next step… Consider a double mat, a stacked frame or a range of other options to make the photo come alive and stand out from the crowd. Chat to your framer about how they can take your family photo and create visually stunning results
  • Scrapbook Crafty Imagery – For those with a crafty touch whose Mother does not want their walls plastered with images of their kids and grandkids. Perhaps a specially crafted 3 dimensional piece that reflects mum’s favourite colours, textures. Not sure what I mean or what’s possible, do a search online to find some inspiration
  • Ticket box – I love this one, for the Mother who gets out and about, to travel, see stage shows and generally keep themselves deeply entertained. We can create a framed ‘ticket box’ this frame has a slot in the top where ticket stubs from shows, movies, travel you name it can be put in. the box is shallow so the tickets can be seen through the glass. A fabulous way to remember all those amazing experiences
  • Showcase – Perhaps your Mother has a special thing they cherish, a team scarf, a precious stone, a famous quote printed onto parchment paper or similar, or some other item of interest. We can frame all manner of objects to showcase them ready for display.

For some of you that’s more than enough ideas, but for the rest of you, drop in and take a look at the framed items we have on display and chat to us about other options to explore.

Let’s make the Mother’s day a special one, for all the right reasons.

Regards Steve Gray – The Picture Framing Shak


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