We are human after all…

Yes human, that means we do a lot of things right and a few things not so right. We don’t want to, but just in case you thought we were perfect, let me assure you we have our challenges too! Take me for example, I have been involved in visual arts for over 30 years and have been so fortunate to see literally thousands of exhibitions, interview amazing contemporary artists and had a lot of fun along the way, learning, exploring etc.

Then after all those years I managed to score a fantastic position working on artworks, framing them, advising customers and finding solutions to their decor, exhibition and conservation needs, I might add I love it, BUT I have only been doing so for just on three years. The mistakes got less and now I am happy to say I am very pleased with what I have been able to achieve.

Sure there was a STEEP learning curve to figure out how things went together, how the computer system works, how to order materials from suppliers and, oh boy the list goes on… Mistakes were made and I learnt, If I didn’t the boss might have kicked me out ages ago!

Every now and then our ‘humanness’ shows and we eat humble pie, sometimes we might even choke a little on that pie… It’s not a good feeling I can assure you!

In making mistakes and learning, we get better at what we do, we discuss what happened, how we might have done things better, how we might do the same job if we did it again and so on.

We don’t EVER want to make mistakes but it happens. Mostly they are minor things and they are quickly sorted out, then some other rarer things might be a bit bigger and take longer to ‘adjust’.

That’s why we have terms and conditions listed on our website, these are designed to work in unison with the laws and regulations set out by the Department of Fair Trading Department.

They are designed to give you peace of mind in knowing we want to provide you with clear guidelines to how we want to do business with you, what we will and will not do in the case that something might not go to plan. Remember, they don’t call us the friendly professional picture framer for nothing.

Regards, Steve Gray, The Picture Framing Shak

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