Congratulations on your new home!

Finally, you’ve moved in, the garden is being landscaped, the kids have visited and approve of your ‘resize’ rather than a pokey downsize. The spaces work well and you got out of that old house with a layout more akin to a rabbit warren than a place for humans to really live.

You thought long and hard about the move, new furniture, some re-jigging of the old now very familiar  family memorabilia, and your sports jerseys for the man cave, now more of a corner than a cave perhaps… You are both happier than ever, despite the issues with the builder making a few minor mistakes, but hey your worldly experience means you were able to sail through all of that and came out unscathed, even with a wry smile.

Relax sit back and take it easy, you both earned this, all the years of two incomes, hectic lives and three kids, has now become two part time incomes and some solid investments. All of which is now coupled with visits from Grand kids, family and friends, It’s all part of the joyous position you find yourselves in.

Now, about the decor. You’re not the sort to have lot’s of family photos plastered all over the walls, just a few discrete images in standing frames on your desk in the office. No, you want some statement pieces, along with well placed tasteful objects that reflect your eye for collecting the sometimes rare and unusual as well as the stylish and homely. Then you want to make sure people appreciate your Artistic flair, a few limited edition prints and a small painting to greet visitors in your hallway.

Life really is grand, sure you’re a bit older now and keeping up with your kids and their kids is not as easy as you might like, but it’s all enjoyable nonetheless. Once the home is just how you want it, that long earned break for a few weeks overseas will top it all off, well it will satisfy things for a few months at least.

Wait, what’s that? You don’t know where to get your items re-framed, where to get the limited edition prints or the small paintings… That’s okay, because you can drop in and chat to your friendly professional picture framer at the Picture Framing Shak and see what they can do.

For the prints, try here and search the Eve range for some options

Or here for specifically Australian contemporary artworks

Or search for any of the local contemporary art galleries the Melbourne region has to offer

Happy searching, as you select the right images to make your house a warm and inviting home for many years to come!

Regards, Steve Gray,

The Picture Framing Shak

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