Those art things… 2. Works on paper

Most of the works we get to frame are works on paper, drawings, photographs, prints.

These days there is an incredible array of paper types and surfaces that artworks are reproduced on. From woven plastic banner material to hand made papers and everything in between.

As well as the papers, there are the imaging methods used, for instance with prints, there are etchings, lino-cuts, screen prints, collagraphs, dry-points, lithographs, Mono prints, reproduction prints and various types of inkjet or Giclee prints. Follow on from that with drawings in pencil, charcoal and pen and ink, with a few variations in between.Then photographs, which these days can be on traditional chemically processed papers, through to inkjet or laser prints. This then blurs the line between prints and photographs, but that’s another story.

Let’s not forget water colours, often done on heavily textured papers which are 100% cotton rag.

All of these works on paper techniques have differences in the paper, inks and finishes as well as the durability and value.

Out of all this comes our need to ensure that we create a suitable frame structure, which suitably protects the image from pressing up against the glass, fading and acid burn from mounting materials, oh and you thought our job was easy huh…

Then let’s add to that the way the print is presented, under a mat border, or as a ‘floating’ image supported underneath where the image appears to float in mid air.

All of this adds up to a considered approach by your friendly professional picture framing specialists at the Picture Framing Shak. Where custom picture frame construction is our speciality. Feel free to drop in and chat to us about the best way to frame and showcase your works on paper.


Steve Gray –

The Framing Guy – Part of the team at The Picture Framing Shak

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