Those art things… 3 Works on fabrics

As soon as humans were able to make fabrics, they found ways to decorate them, from inks, paints, to sewn threads and attaching other fabrics and goodness knows what else.

As things progressed some of the items went from utilitarian to decorative, for instance floor mats that were hung on walls, for both decoration and to help insulate homes in cold climates.

For picture framers we have to take a few things into account when people want fabric items framed, tapestries and cross stitch often require stretching to keep the weave straight in the frame. Other items like rugs and quilts need us to provide a frame that can support the weight and bulk of the item.

Recently we have seen more fabrics being framed that come from craft workshops in indigenous communities, offering a fascinating insight into their symbols and culture.

Your friendly picture framing professional has to think hard when it comes to finding ways to best present fabric works, it’s never as easy as it seems.


Steve Gray – Framing Guy at the Picture Framing Shak

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