Have you framed it yet? – Turning a house into a home

It’s just turned into spring here in Australia, nice time to get out and about and do things… Apart from some foul weather on the opening weekend. So before you run off and get ready for Summer get some inside things sorted, like framing. You know you want to…
In our house we change things about, one of the legacies of having too many artworks 🙂 so when we get a bit ‘ho hum’ with the visual stimulus, we up things and rotate a bunch of pictures.
In your house maybe the artworks make it a home, or at least a place which is a little more pleasureable than just a house. So what do you want to do to make it more ‘homely’, if it’s a rental you may have restrictions on what you can hang, so consider an easel or three, or perhaps prop the art up on tables.
Now think about the things you have that are just begging to be framed, perhaps an artwork given to you by a friend, a family photo from that last ’get together’, or that certificate you earned… Come on it’s spring, get lively, get active and fill the walls with lots of visual things you love!
Of course it goes without saying, that all this framing can be handled by your friendly professional picture framer.
Regards Steve Gray –

Picture framer to the stars, like you!


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