Contemporary classics – Get THE look!

I like this term, “contemporary classic”, it puts a smile on my face. All at once it seems pretentious, bold, status building and oh so chic, whatever that might mean…

In our frame shop we have over 450 frame styles to choose from on our displays, as well as access to a range of supplier catalogues. In amongst these options there are some that fit for my ideal of contemporary classic, in amongst those are some fabulous options.

A fabulous example are the sustainably sourced raw timber frames, we hand finish these in the shop and wax them to create a buttery sealed surface.

The big thing I like about these frames is not just that they are used to frame contemporary works of art in many of the top galleries in and around Melbourne, but the fact that they are so versatile to fit in with a wide range of decor options, from architecturally radical designs to the demure and oh so conservative.

I love the warmth they exude, the fact they come in a range of widths and depths to accommodate floating images, 3 D items and so much more.

I love the way they can convey to the viewer a sense of connectedness when they are hung in groups with other raw frames. Ok so it’s clear and I must admit I am unashamed, I just love them.

When you want the “look” you can go past these frames. Oh and did you notice that they have been used on ‘The Block’ TV show as floater frames around canvas paintings and std frames for smaller works. I guess any interior designer worth their weight would clearly concur with your friendly professional picture framer, that contemporary classics are the tried and true elements in design that can ensure the decor can hold its own for a long time to come.

Regards Steve Gray – The Picture Framing Guy


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