Breathe softly and repeat – Fab decor helps…

Do you have a sanctuary? A place you go to when things get a bit too much, where you can chill out a little, and give yourself some ‘me time’? I guess we all do, sometimes it’s in the car, after dropping the kids off, or perhaps it’s a relaxing space in your yard, where you can watch birds flitting about in the sunshine. For me it’s often getting to see some contemporary art galleries and I can often get to 10 – 15 in a good outing.

I realised many years ago that having a sanctuary place, or a place to chill out in was somewhere other than where I hung out most of the time. Then it came to me, why not create places of sanctuary around me so I can chill out anytime. That’s why our home resembles an art gallery, other artists works, my own paintings and photographs and a slowly growing collection of artworks that means I can rotate the works to keep my mind stimulated and at ease.

Not everyone has framed artworks to adorn their walls and for many in rental situations they can’t nail into the walls, a very sad state of affairs if you ask me! Most people that get works framed with us, know that they have a place to put their newly acquired frame and artwork. They have visualised where it needs to go and how it will fit in with other works. They are creating their own sanctuary, a place where they can be at ease. At the end of a trying day they put their feet up and immerse themselves in their decor and the ambiance it helps to create, so they can breathe softly and repeat.

These customers know that they can get their friendly professional picture framer to add charm, elegance and overall aesthetic appeal at the mere suggestion of exploring something new. Perhaps a traditional gold frame, or a Contemporary Classic, using raw hardwood timbers to add warmth and vitality. No matter what the artwork is, the team at the Picture Framing Shak can assist.


Steve Gray – Framer to the chilled out…

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