It’s HOT! – So frame it fast…

Today the temperature is tipped to get to 40 degrees, welcome to summer in Victoria 🙂 This means our mat-boards on the workbench are drying out and showing signs of curling up at the edges, so I have to get back to work and fit the hot artwork and matboards into frames. Meanwhile on the other side of the world there are Framers working in cold damp conditions battling snow and ice with their own set of other challenges.

This is where one of the key things about quality picture framing comes into its own. That is to seal the item in an ‘envelope’ to ensure it does not suffer the ravages of  change too much, sure the temperature will go up and down, but the item will not suffer too much from changes in humidity.

Good quality custom framing takes these temperature variations into account allowing the artwork to expand and contract as needs be.
Take care in the heat, or cold… Enjoy your fabulously framed artworks. Now, for me to get back to the nearly curling mat-boards to put them safely in some frames.

Regards Steve Gray – Framing Fella 🙂

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