Crumbling world… FRAME IT!

I guess it depends on your view, is the world crumbling or is it heading into a fresh new era of growth and positive prosperity.

Perhaps it’s the headlines we choose to read, or are they chosen for us… Doomsday clock at its worst position, mass shootings in the USA, war in Syria still rages. Or… Tesla puts a car in space, Apple’s amazing new product/s, or how about Barnaby causes the PM to ban colleagues from being intimate…

Amazing the world we live in, the things that make us gasp, through to the things that make us laugh or flail in horror.

From my perspective of fifty nine and a bit years on the planet, at the time of writing, things have changed immensely and other things have, well, stayed the same. I can flip through my vast memory of images of events, people, situations and more and just wish I could print some of the things out and frame them.

I would like to print the nitty gritty things, the details, snapshot memories of people’s facial expressions, events that shaped my world, and caused me in part to be who I am today. Perhaps it could be like a collage. Which reminds me, we framed one up recently which a customer had made up of about 100 photos of their children playing, dressing up, exploring, at family events, you know the score. It was a wonderful way to show some fascinating aspects of their lives, all in colourful small square images neatly arranged in rows and columns, it looked fabulous and made a fantastic keepsake for many years to come.

Then I recall the many medals and memorabilia we have framed, from people who care about the past, the people they have had in their lives and some they didn’t even know, but record their efforts from past conflicts and imagine what their world must have been like.

Take the time to warmly reflect on your world, the memories and experiences, the people and the pleasures… Then figure out how you want to frame those so you can relive your often vibrant life and all it offers you. From photographs and medals to drawings and other images that have in some way cause you to be you. Go on frame them!

Steve Gray – Framing Fanatic

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