5 reasons to choose a custom frame over a ready made

You have a gorgeous limited edition print, you want to showcase it, get a frame, put it on the wall, ok ya… Then you decide to look about and find some options, styles colours designs, textures, oh and sizes. Let’s start with sizes…
Sizes – In ready made frames the sizes are set, so if your picture is not to that size, bad luck. Custom made, we’ve got you covered… And we hand pick from our suppliers to ensure we select quality materials. Ok, so we can cut a mat to suit a larger frame and you still get the ready made frame, yep no problemo, except the range of colours and styles to choose from is also limited.
Materials – We go for quality, and often that means conservation quality. Where the artwork meets the materials we want the whole thing to last. Therefore we avoid acid laden materials like MDF boards as these can damage the artwork and other materials involved.
Art Sandwich – So the art fits to the ready made frame, all good, except when the artwork sticks to the glass because you just put it in there and hoped for the best. We will often add a mat board to keep the image off the glass, or a spacer around the edges to give things room to move. Tragic to see old photos of historic value stuck to glass and then in the glass breaks… ouch.
Synthetic – Have you ever seen plastic age well, no neither have I, and it’s the same with frames, if it’s made of plastic the chance of it being easily damaged or simply crumbling is high, that’s why we avoid them. Oh we can get them, and although in some cases they may seem cheaper, the longer term cost will be greater.
Craftsman built – Each custom frame is handmade, designed to do a specific job, to showcase and protect your artwork, we want it to last, we want you to love it and we know we can only do that when quality materials meets suitable knowledge about the ways to do that best.

Need any more reasons… I didn’t think so, take the hassle out of your framing tasks and come straight to a custom framer to get the right result, first time.


Steve Gray

Framing Fanatic

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