5 ways to protect your photos – Your memories need protection…

More people on the planet means more photos, friends, family, pets, landscapes, still lifes and all sorts in between. But how do you go about protecting the ones you cherish the most? Here is a quick guide.

 1. Print them – If you have ever lost a camera or phone, or not backed up a computer that then crashed you will know the pain of lost digital photos. Prints give you a suitable end product you can show to others and store. Aiming for a LARGE print? Canvas prints can be a fantastic way to make a big decor statement, these are then stretched onto a support frame that then be easily hung on the wall.

2. Keep them out of adhesive albums – These were very popular in the 70s and over time the prints can get stuck to the once flexible adhesive and are soon damaged trying to be relocated to a better storage method.

3. Custom framing – Our favourite method… With the right glazing and matting options, your print can last the test of time, our glazing options that block out UV light may mean you make a bigger investment, but you will slow the fading process significantly. Archival mats can be used to ensure even longer lasting preservation of your precious memories, by preventing acid attack from low cost materials some framers may use.

4. Backup your digital files – Cloud computing and low cost hard disc backup systems can ensure the safety of your digital images, even if the main computer crashes.

5. Scan and save – Negatives and prints that are from the pre digital era can become digital files, too. You can still keep the originals but create peace of mind in knowing you have a digital backup in place.


Steve Gray

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