New trends in photo framing…

I was asked recently about emerging trends in photo framing, yep, new frame mouldings come in from time to time. But one of the more recent trends is not about the components that make up a frame but more about what goes into them.

Sure we get our share of historic documents and artworks, sure we get amazing vintage prints and family photos, but the range of depth of limited edition prints is a fabulous trend I am seeing in recent times.
There are traditional prints like Lithographs and Etchings, through to lino-cuts and screen-prints, then there are digital prints. Either a reproduction of another artwork or a drawn on computer image.

This morning I framed up a Screen-print with a fabulous stylised owl image and then a picture created on computer. Both mid to larger scaled works. I know the owners of the art are fans of the artists whose works they brought in for framing and these will admirably add to their collections.

It’s funny when a new customer walks in with a limited edition work and asks lots of questions relating to have we framed a Limited Edition piece before… oh and have we heard of artist X? Will you use Japanese hinging techniques to attach the piece to a neutral Ph back? (yes… 🙂 ) But I love it when they come back with the next piece to be done, beaming with anticipation to see the finished piece, ah the joy of collecting art.

Clearly the internet has given people access to some amazing artworks from all round the world, and a deeper appreciation of what it means to love an artwork. I wonder if all those artists who produce and sell online realise just how many framers they are keeping in business!

Regards Steve Gray

Non Binary Framing Fidgeter

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