Frame it because

Some people come into the framing shop and ask for the cheapest option to frame their ‘thing’, me on the other hand, I ask questions to find out why they want to frame it in the first place to make sure we can do the piece justice and protect it properly. Some people are set on price being the big issue but that depends on a few things. Once this is pointed out some of our customers make a change to their thinking because they now see their artwork in a different light.

Two basics come to mind…

Frame to protect – Its precious, therefore we need to establish the level of precious-ness, if it’s of historic value, or of sentimental value, then we would discuss levels of conservation framing to suit the piece, from museum quality and across from there.

Frame to decorate – You want it to look good, but how good. If you have a budget in mind then you might just have a pretty picture, however if you are decorating your home and this is the centre piece, then you might just want a bit more than a “nice budget frame”. We can “put it in a nice frame” or create the “show stopper”. Its completely up to you.

Steve Gray Framing Faffer and Fiddler

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