Two frames one paintbrush- a tale of the upcycle.

A recent client with two frames that were in perfectly good order, but a dated design for their new home. They wanted a cost effective solution, so I took the artwork out and they took the timber frames home and spent some quality time as a family to upcycle their frames with a whitewash finish. Easy enough to do for all involved and the result was what they wanted.

Not all framing needs to cost you or the planet…

We try to upcycle as much as we can!

The mat board off-cuts we donate to various schools and child care centres as they are a great art project material.

Many of our frames are created on finger jointed short lengths of timber, still a physically strong result but the offcuts from manufacturing are not simply discarded but upcycled.

Discontinued moulding is not discarded but made into ready made frames for popular photo sizes.

The majority of our waste is either cardboard, (from packaging) or paper (from mat board offcuts). We have a dedicated recycling bin that is only collected when the bin is full. 

Last year we changed our factory lights and neon tubes over to a more energy efficient LED lighting. Reducing our energy bills and greenhouse emissions. 

This year we will commence RED soft plastic recycling as well.

We source our products from Melbourne based companies. We have a production time of three weeks so it allows us to bulk up orders and reduce the use of couriers.

Most glass these days has a high component of recycled glass and in the office we use recycled paper and the protective corners we put on our frames is a recycled card as well.

Our raw timber frames are sustainably sourced and as we do so many of these we want to know that we are doing more of the right things to maintain a future we can all enjoy. Two frames one paintbrush and voila! We have done a small bit for the environment.

Steve Gray
Framing Devotee

Here is the City of Wyndhams guide to recycling.

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