4 Cool photo printing and picture framing ideas for your holiday photos

The festive, holidaying time of year has come to an end and we have returned to the hamster wheel of life.  Surrounding yourself with these holiday memories using picture framing can help.

In a flash our recent holiday seems like forever ago.  

In an attempt to hold onto that holiday feeling a little longer, why not print and frame your holiday pics? You can sit, reminisce and be transported back to that special holiday.

Here are 4 cool ways to display your holiday photos:

1. Big Frame Many Photos

I always end up taking a million holiday snaps, and I love every one of them.

Here is a way that you can display a heap!

Yes, its huge, but the frame below lets you display 120 photos. 

picture framing holiday photos

2. Print it Big

Have you ever taken a photo of a landscape scene and thought, “that’s a bloody good photo. I should print that!” Well DO IT!!

We can print your photo large scale.  

The bigger the better.

Choose a frame that suits the photo and your decor and voila

photo printing

3. A gallery wall of your favourite holidays

Mix and match people shots with landscape scenes.

It may be of the one holiday or it may be a few. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match frame colours and styles.

We have a range of ready made frames to suit standard photo sizes that may be just what you need!

photo printing

4. Photos and momentos

It might be a theatre ticket stub.

A shell from a visit to the beach.

All the bits and pieces collected on your travels that make up your memories of that special place and time.

We can frame a whole range of memorabilia items.

picture framing holiday momentos

Check out our facebook gallery for some picture framing inspiration!

P.S. Did you know we can look after your photo printing needs in store? Photo printing to framing. All done on site.

By Shakyra Clark 13/2/19

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