I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

I’m not talking about the Ray Parker Jr type ghost. But the song did haunt me all through writing this blog! Ghosting is a term we use when we see impressions of the framed artwork on the glass.

Ghosting occurs when the artwork comes into contact with the glass.

impression of artwork on glass
An impression of the artwork is left on the glass

Sandwiching the art between the glass and backing can also result in the artwork sticking to the glass over time.

Recently we had a customer bring in a framed photo of her recently deceased family member. She wanted to make a copy of the photo. We were unable to do this for her as the photo was stuck to the glass, making it impossible to remove without tearing the photo.

SO whats the solution?

It’s actually pretty simple. We use mat boarder to create a space between the art and the glass.

As well as enhancing the presentation of the piece for framing, the mat board protects the artwork from sticking to the glass.

We can also use what is called a spacer that hides under the inside of the frame between the glass and the artwork.

artwork kept away from glass
A spacer has been used to keep the glass away from the artwork.

Make sure you take your precious photos and art to a framer who knows what they are doing and will do their utmost to protect your precious pieces.

Our customer was extremely happy to know that when we reframed his limited edition prints they were not only looking great, but were also protected.

The reframed limited edition with spacer keeping the artwork off the glass

So if your item for framing has a sentimental value or a monetary one. Have it framed properly.

Speak to our trained professionals about how we can protect your precious piece.

Or to learn more conservation techniques we use to protect your artwork follow the link below.


Shakyra Clark

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