Framed Art & Vic Ash Timber Frames

You only need to look at framed art in contemporary art galleries to realise the strong affinity artwork has for Vic Ash timber frames.

Imagine being deep inside a warm temperate forest, somewhere in south eastern Australia around an altitude of 1000 metres gazing up at one of the world’s tallest flowering trees, the mighty Vic Ash or Alpine Ash tree, piercing straight up from the ground with a canopy that probably starts at about 30 metres above where you are.

There immersed in dappled light filtering down through high branches is warm sunshine caressing your face. You breathe in the clear mountain air and feel wonderfully dwarfed by the massive trees, some well up around 100 metres, ah the serenity they bring.

Some you notice have a wide girth and in the open forest space below you get a sense of what it must have been like back in the early days of settlement, when these trees were furiously harvested to build homes and furniture in a newly developing country.

The sound of axes cutting timber would give way to more effective and selective management practices, meaning the forests still yield some impressive logs but with deeper consideration to the longer term stability of the wild environment. After all it can take 100 years plus for a tree to reach its maximum height.

The hardwood timber is strong and straight grained and ranges in colour from pink to light brown. The timber is graded to ensure the end user can be assured of obtaining either high level furniture grade timber through to timber suited to other building applications.

In our case our suppliers provide us with sustainably sourced high grade timber beautifully suited to our contemporary classic frames, where the neutral soft ash tones provide an often perfect accompaniment to a range of artworks.

Sure, we use other timbers as well, however Vic Ash is probably the one we tend to specify the most. Not just because we love them but our clients love them as well. The neutral tones of the timber lend support to contemporary works as well.

The Vic Ash frame mouldings come in a range of sizes so we can create supporting elements for a variety of artwork sizes and depths.

Many contemporary art galleries and art museums across Australia use them, because they look good as well as being easy to handle and repair if minor damage occurs. We figure if they are good enough for galleries to use regularly, then they are good enough for you too.

When you want a contemporary classic, ‘scandi’ look, then your friendly professional picture framer can deliver the goods, from a photo to a statement piece canvas, we’ve got you covered. Framed art is the perfect compliment to your home.

Steve Gray

Picture Framer

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