Has Winter Got You Down? Add some colour.

Winter sets in and everything turns monochrome, devoid of colour.

Dark clouds blanket the sky and cover the details of everyday life making it a little harder to see.

The wet roads and the sky take on the same hue.

Shuddering against the cold and forced hibernation through the winter months.

Driving home after work at 5pm feels more like 8pm as the darkness descends earlier and earlier.

I look forward to getting home. The sanctuary of home. The haven.

I put the heater on and feel the warmth. I flick on the lights and my world is suddenly full of colour.

It has long been believed that colours can effect our bodies. In fact the Chinese and Ancient Egyptians practiced Chromotherapy. (The use of colour to heal)

Perceptions of colour can be subjective based on culture, gender and experience, but many colours and their effects have universal meaning.

Yellow denotes warmth, we associate violet with spirituality, green with restoration, black with sophistication.

Colours are used in marketing to attract buyers and convey messages. We all know Tiffany blue and Coke a Cola red.

But do we ignore the impact of colour when we decorate our homes?

Do our white walls and white ceilings leave us feeling a little blah?

Could yellow bring us some more energy? Could blue calm us? Can brown ground us? Can green rejuvenate us?

It can, depending on how the colour makes you feel. So choose the colours you connect with.

Where can we start?

If a major renovation isn’t on the cards, start with something small. Cushions, you can never have too many 😉

Or something bigger, artwork for the walls with custom made frames with a splash of colour.

Because you want it to make you feel good!

Shakyra Clark

Post Script – When framing, mat borders are a simple way to introduce colour into your picture frames. Read more here.

Immerse yourself in colour at an art exhibition. We have compiled a list of galleries to visit here.

One thought on “Has Winter Got You Down? Add some colour.

  1. I00% agree. So many framers’ blogs suggest monochrome as the only way to go. Yes, white, black and grey are fantastic in their place, but a splash of burnt orange or teal can really make an artwork pop. And yes – it can make you feel good! 🙂

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