Stop buying crap and calling it art

I’ll admit, this is a bit of a whinge post, but bear with me, I’ll get to the point. I consider myself a creative. I work in a creative field. I love art. I love individuality and uniqueness. I also love my home, I carefully select furniture and art that fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings. My home is a reflection of me and who I am.

So I want to share with you, sometimes, people bring in “artwork” to be framed that upsets me.

I’m not talking about a controversial artwork from Andres Serrano or Bill Henson.

I’m upset about the mass produced, generic crap.

It’s the stuff that big chain department stores and instagram influencers are telling us is beautiful. (If I see one more abstract print next to the rose gold bowl next to an indoor plant I’m gonna scream.)

It’s the limited edition art that the cruise ships are flogging.

It’s the 900th Parisian street in black and white with red tree I’ve framed this week. (There are a lot of art students going door to door selling suspiciously similar paintings)

Please don’t be offended if you have some of the above, there is advice below.

Don’t get me wrong some of it is nice.

But mainly it is soulless and downright depresses me.

I deal with this everyday, so it gets me thinking. Why are people generally unwilling to seek out something original, something that sings to them and settles for nice? (In my head that sounded like Carry Bradshaw narrating her article rather than Shakyra thinking!!)

I’ve come to the conclusion that its fear.

Again, bare with me!

If, where you live says everything about you, doesn’t it take a certain amount of braveness and vulnerability to fill you home with who you really are?

It’s scary to choose something you love and hope everyone will like. (Remember its a reflection of you so you want everyone to like it)

So I’m asking you to be brave.

For those that consider themselves “not creative” or “have no idea” about art or decorating, trust me on this, the hunt is half of the delight. When you search for the perfect piece, when you go out of your way, when you search for hours on line and you finally choose “the one”. Every time you look at that piece you will remember, the effort you took to get it just right. You will remember the feeling you got when you first saw it. You will remember how it makes you FEEL.

The more often you boldly allow yourself to like something, because of its uniqueness, because of how it reflects something in you. The easier it will become.

Give yourself permission to give in with out the restraints of hoping others will like it. It’s not for them, it’s for you.

The warm and fuzzy you feel are multiplied when you buy art that someone else has poured their heart and soul into. Don’t fill the pockets of big business. Seek out the one of a kind. Seek out the unknown artist who is trying to make a living.

Buy art that means something to you.

Buy art that when you see it, catches your breath a little.

Buy art that will fill your home with warmth.

Buy art that calls to your soul.

Buy art that sends you to another place.

Buy art that reflects who you truely are.

Be brave and fill your walls with what it means to be you.

And your framer will be much happier!

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  1. So glad I’ve found your blog! This article made me smile – you’ve got moxy! So true about ‘paint by numbers’ interior design choices. Instagram has a lot to answer for I think. 🙂

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