5 Framed gift ideas for Fathers Day

It’s time to celebrate Dad. So we’ve come up with 5 framed gift ideas to make YOUR life easy!

Dad’s love the sentimental gifts. And putting the effort into creating a personalised gift will have you winning big brownie points.

So we’ve come up with 5 great gift ideas for Dad.


If dad loves his footy, rugby or soccer, why not have his teams jersey framed?

We can coordinate the team colours, add photos, plaques and more.

framed gift for fathers day

2. name frame

Our name frames allow you to pop in dad’s favourite family photos behind the letter cutouts and change them over time.

We can customise the text, mat colour and frame style.

Other name options:


Daddy / Dad

Pop / Poppy

Name frame framed gift


This frame is super cute!

You supply the lego and we can do the rest.


Find a heap of your treasured family photos.

Don’t worry if they are different sizes, we can scan and print them so they are the same size.

We can even convert them to black and white to give them, that nostalgic feel.

We can then create the frames for you to display as a gallery wall.

Dad will love it, but it is something everyone can enjoy.


Perhaps dad landed a huge fish and it was caught on camera.

Or maybe he loves round of golf.

Whatever it is your dad loves to do, we can frame a photo of him enjoying that activity. Take him back to that moment in time.

Dads love framed gift

When framing your dad’s precious memories, you may want to consider UV glass to protect the photos from fading.

You can read more about glazing options on our conservation page.

Pop in store to see how we can create the perfect framed gift for dad.

Shakyra Clark

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