Why are our Ready Made Photo Frames Different?

Ready made photo frames are a great way to present your photos without the price tag of a custom made frame.

However, there are many mass produced ready made photo frames on the market that WILL DESTROY your photos or artwork over time. But no ours, and here’s why.

It stands to reason, if something is mass produced, imported and “cheap” you can assume its not the best quality.

Many ready made frames have a timber MDF backing. MDF contains formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen and respiratory irritant. MDF has a pH of 4. So think of it like soaking your photos or certificates in tomato juice or acid rain!! It will cause an acid burn to your photos and artwork.

So we use an acid free foam core that won’t burn your photographs.

The timber we use to make our ready made frames are the same as we use to make our “custom” frames. So we stand behind the quality of the timber.

We DON’T use plastic frames. Synthetic frames deteriorate over time. I compare them to kids outdoor toys that fall to pieces from being left out in the sun. The same thing happens to plastic frames. The plastic degrades and eventually falls apart.

Years of having customers tell us “it just fell apart” has lead us to discontinue the use of all synthetic frames.

Some ready made frames use that thin acrylic. We find acrylic scratches easily and warps. We only use glass in our frames. 

WE MAKE all of our ready made frames in store. Supporting local is ALWAYS a good thing!!

Did you know you can damage your photos by the way you stick it into the frame?

Well you can. So that’s why we’ve prepared this video on the best way to attach your photos or artwork into the ready made frame.

So our ready made frames are pretty awesome. BUT if it’s one of a kind, can’t be replaced, sentimental or expensive, please have it custom framed with conservation standard materials including UV reflective glass. 

Read more about conservation framing here: https://pictureframingshak.com.au/conservation-2/

You can view our ready made frame options in store or see a sample in our Facebook photo gallery here

Shakyra Clark

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