Mat Borders – One size does NOT fit all

“I don’t want big mat borders as I don’t want the focus to be taken away from the artwork.”

This is a common misconception we hear during the consultation process.

Trust me on this. The size of the mat border will NOT distract the eye away from the artwork….But crappy framing will!

Let me explain.

It’s not about big mat borders for the sake of being big. It’s considered.

There is a delicate balance between the size of the frame, the artwork itself and even the colour of the mat can be the determining factor for how big a mat border needs to be.

There is no standard size or one size fits all.

So when you take your artwork to a professional framer, there is a swirling list that will go through a framers head to get this mix just right.

The artwork:

the size

the colours

the style

the medium the artwork is on

Where will the frame go:

the style of the home

the colours

how big is the wall space

is there any existing frames in the space


what frame style is the customer liking

does this suit all of the above

is it the right size frame for all of the above

And finally:

The mat border size will present itself by incorporating the details of the list to bring about perfect harmony of all of the above.

So when you find yourself a framer that can make that look like magic, you got a good one!

If you would like to see a little of this magic in action, watch the video below.

If you would like to read more about our mat cutting service, click here.

See our computerised mat cutter in action here.

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Shakyra Clark

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