Photo Printing & Holiday Framing

Yep I can see you now, prossibly cozied up on a beach with a good book, or visiting relatives interstate, or the once in a lifetime overseas holiday. The holiday season is coming to and end now there is just two things you need. Photo printing and framing!

Now you are back from your break, think about how you want to present your holiday memories to show them to your family and friends and preserve them for the long term.

We are happy to be able to offer our on site photo printing service. Simply bring in your photos on a USB stick, or email them to us. Making it easy for you to frame your holiday memories.

We will gladly quote on any framing, our aim is to professionally provide you with frames designed to showcase and protect your photos.

Or you may find that one of our ready made frames is just what you are after. You can watch our video on how to best attach your photos into a ready made frame here.

For us at the shop, there was a big rush up to Christmas gifts being created left, right and centre. Then the pickups and bang! Before we knew it we’re now into the new year. A bunch of frames need doing that were not required until well after Christmas, so we are still busy as always. And then there’s the memories you’ve collected while having a well break that we are ready to frame for YOU.

For those still on a break, enjoy!


Steve Gray & Shakyra Clark

The Picture Framing Shak

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