The beginners guide to picture framing

You have a picture or two, handed over from a long lost relative, a limited edition print by a favourite artist or something you purchased online begging for a picture frame.  Either way you want to at least protect it and show it off to some degree.

You do some research to find somewhere suitable, you have found us, your professional friendly picture framer! Yay, go us…

But you may be feeling apprehensive as you’ve never had anything framed before. So we’ve prepared this guide to help.


When you walk into our showroom, you may notice a little sawdusty smell as we do all of our framing work on site. 

Our walls are adorned with many framing samples and frame styles to choose from. 

Although we frame many artworks, we are not arty farty types. I’m sure you will find our staff friendly and approachable.

Spoilt for choice

We have over 400 styles and colours of frames on our sample walls. It can be overwhelming. But we have a few simple questions you may want to think about before you come in. 

  • Where are you going to put the completed frame?
  • Is there any frames at home you would like to match
  • What style would you say your home is?

It’s amazing how we can narrow down frame choices with these 3 questions. 

Photograph the space

By showing us the space where the frame is to hang, we can get a sense of your style and colour schemes.

Words you have never heard of

Don’t stress! If framing is completely new to you, you may not be familiar with the terminology. 

Our website is a great resource. If you would like more info please have a look. 

We also take plenty of time to discuss all of this with you during the consultation.

We design it together

We will spend the time it takes to give you the result, this can be quick or slow, so be prepared to spend some time in the consultation process as we explore options together..

We assess the artworks needs, your needs and how you want the piece framed.

Using all of the information gathered while consulting with you we will present an options to explore and find a suitable solution to your picture framing needs.

High Standards

Quality is vital to creating long lasting professional results. Professional framers aim to ‘do it right’ the first time and will aim to give you the best possible result from the start.

We aim to conserve your picture using conservation techniques which can be reversed in the future if required. This may mean a slightly higher cost, but the end result will last the test of time.

Armed with information

Now you’ve read through our beginners guide, perhaps had a peruse of our website, head on in, feeling confident that we can help create a beautiful frame for you.

When you want to get your artwork professionally conserved and presented for display, chat to us your friendly professional picture framer, a no obligation free quote is just the tip of the iceberg for our services.

Shakyra Clark & Steve Gray

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