Turn Your Hobby Into Keepsakes

Many of us fill our spare time with a favourite past time or hobby. For some it may be creating, for some collecting and for others observing. Whatever it is that fills your soul with joy, presenting it in a frame can be a beautiful keepsake to display for all to see.

Think about the many hours you’ve spent collecting. It may be coins, fishing flies, shells or brooches. Hunting, searching for the perfect piece. Whatever it is, it has importance and meaning to you. So why not show it off.

So many collections never see the light of day. Hiding in a drawer or in a box high up in the wardrobe. Why not have a selection framed so that everyday you can walk past and admire your collection.

Here are some examples of a hobby turned into a beautiful keepsake.

Not only is the framed object a reminder of you hobby, it can also be incorporated into the decor of your home. Imagine a grouping of frames, showcasing your collectables, that are custom made to compliment the colours and style of your home.

As an example above is the shell frame. Thinking about shells, the first thought may be to do a beachy rustic feel frame. But here it works perfectly will in a dark sophisticated frame. So depending on your decor, the frame can be created to suit your style.

As always we recommend framing techniques that will preserve your collection. Read more here about conservation techniques.

Browse our facebook page photos to view examples of objects we have framed.

Feel free to pop in store for a consultation. We are happy to design a frame for you.

Shakyra Clark

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