Framed three dimensional objects is something we are often asked to create.

It’s an important thing we do. As let’s face it, we are framing memories. Framing moments in time that are to be celebrated and commemorated.

From military medals to books, castings to badges, even larger items like guitars and cricket bats.

These items are important parts of our story.  To have them framed on display is a reminder of times gone by.

We can add photo’s, documents or plaques to the frame to complete the story. To make the process even easier, we can print the photos for you too!

Drop into the store with your items. We can discuss the best way to showcase them.

3D objects can require special treatments. We consider how we are to attach the object into the frame. Our aim is to leave the object intact wherever possible. We also pride ourselves on providing reversible framing techniques to ensure no damage is done to your precious items.

If your 3D object is worth framing, it’s worth framing with conservation framing techniques. Read more. Uv glazing, cotton rag mats, can all be used to ensure your framed objects will be protected for generations to come.

We quite often spend time sewing items into the frame. See an example of a 3D wood panel that is attached to the frame without any glue, screws here.

The Picture Framing Shak provides a wide range of object framing solutions for you to explore. We can create MDF box frames, Perspex display cases, mat board boxes or simply using a frame with a deep enough rebate to accomodate the items.

Explore your options in store. We will happily provide you with a full consultation to provide a framing solution for you.

When framing your treasured memories make sure you bring it to The Picture Framing Shak.