Conservation picture framing is advised with collectable and valuable works of art, limited edition prints and items with sentimental or historic significance.

Conservation techniques are used to protect the artwork from environmental pollutants and degradation from framing products.

‚ÄčAll conservation techniques are reversible and should not cause damage to your artwork, we achieve this using Museum level framing techniques to ensure maximum protection.

Our aim is to provide classic and contemporary stylish picture frames, while presenting and preserving art work to highly professional museum standards.

The Frame:

The raw timber rebate of the frame is not to come in contact with the artwork. Copper Matrix tape is applied if required.

We do not use synthetic frames as these deteriorate over time and can fall apart and damage the artwork.


Museum glass is 99% UV reflective, protecting your image from fading whilst providing amazing clarity.

We can also provide other conservation level glass treatments that can block UV light from 70-99%.

Non reflective glass with UV properties are also available.

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Mounting artworks:

To protect paper works Japanese hinging paper and wheat starch paste is used to mount all artworks.

This treatment is reversible and will not cause acid burn on the paper

Mat boards:

We have access to museum level 100% cotton rag boards for the ultimate protection of precious and valuable artworks and documents, all our general use mat boards have acid free surfaces and provide suitable protection in most instances.

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Backing board:

Conservation grade foam-core is used, with an acid free barrier mat.

Ensure your precious works with The Picture Framing Shak.

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