Perhaps you have memorabilia which marks a special occasion or an historic event. Military service medals, concert tickets and posters, badges, print based articles and so much more can be framed to preserve the items and keep loose items together, keeping them safe and secure.

The framing team at The Picture Framing Shak can advise on a range of presentation options to match your décor and can provide archival conservation level framing to ensure items of significance can be preserved effectively.

Each frame is handcrafted by one of our skilled team.

Sports Jerseys, jumpers, tops and other sports clothing can be framed to highlight team signatures and other features to suit your needs and provide an item which can be a wonderful talking point and a solid memory of your favourite teams or player’s achievements.

If you need to colour coordinate the mats in your favourite team colours, add a certificate or plaque, yes we can do that too.

Years of professional experience goes into each framed item and even we are staggered by the amount of sports items we have framed for our customers over the years.

From simple to complex, your custom picture framing needs are covered with us.