We custom make picture frames that won’t destroy your posters!

Did you know that incorrect framing can lead to:

  • discolouration of posters
  • fading
  • adhesion to the glass and (read more)
  • destroy the value of the poster.

Our everyday materials are acid free.

We recommend mat borders to prevent posters from sticking to glass. Borders also enhance the overall presentation of the picture frames!

We only use foamcore backing in our frames. Foamcore is an acid free material and will not burn the paper in your poster as MDF will. (MDF is found in most ready made frames as it is a cheaper material)

Discover our UV glass options. UV glass will help prevent the poster from fading. Even if a poster is hung in a spot with no direct sunlight fading can still occur. Fading can also be attributed to the quality, or lack thereof, of the paper and inks. (Think of a newspaper and how quickly the colour will change)

Our TruVue and Museum glass goes one step further, offering Uv protection as well as amazing clarity. Our customers often think there is no glass at all in the frame, it’s THAT clear!!

If you want conservation level framing we can offer that too. We have a selection of 100% cotton rag mats, museum quality hinging techniques and as mentioned before UV glass options.

Who’s to say what your poster will be worth in a few years time. Some Harry Potter movie posters are already valued at over $600USD. So the poster today may not have cost very much, but who knows what it will be worth in the future.

If you would like to read more about valuable movie posters click here.

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